Ana Barriga

Ana Barriga’s paintings attempt to balance reason and emotion, capturing the energy that arises from their intersection. In her work, Barriga tries to focus on the shared environment between artists and children, using elements such as children’s toys, colourful decorative objects and other items used in everyday life. Her approach to her subjects is filled with irony, humour and playfulness from which unpredictable and new situations that don’t fit the rules emerge.

Her work has been exhibited in several solo exhibitions, including Candy Eye, Birimbao Gallery, Seville (2022); De tu color, Paul Roosen Contemporary, Hamburg, Germany (2021); Un día perfecto, WeCollect, Madrid, Spain (2021); Robots, dinosaurios y galletas, Padre Gallery, New York (2021); I Learn the Merengue, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg (2020); La vida del difunto, Yusto/Giner, Marbella (2020); From Animals to Gods, Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre, Seville (2019); Once in a Life Time, T20 Gallery, Murcia (2018) and Neither Throne Nor Queen, Yusto Giner Gallery, Malaga (2017).

Her work has also been included in group exhibitions, such as Let’s Get Metaphysical, Yusto Giner Gallery, Marbella, Spain (2022); Erretratu. SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain (2022); Hidden Message, Func Gallery, Shanghai, China (2021); I don’t wanna be, I am, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2021); My Sweet Doppelgänger. Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles (2021); Domesticity, Volery Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2021); Dream Markers, Padre Gallery, New York (2020); The show must go on, Birimbao Gallery, Seville (2020); Quarantine, SC Gallery, Bilbao (2020); CA20, Galería We Collect, Madrid (2020); BMurals, Barcelona (2019); Everyone, Andalusian contemporary artists, Malaga (2019) and Universes, Imola, Italy (2018).

She was awarded the Daniel Vázquez Díaz grant, Huelva 2019; International Painting Prize, Focus Foundation, Seville 2015; CICUS Plastic Arts competition, Sevilla 2017.

In 2014 Barriga received a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Seville and in 2015 she received a degree in Master of Arts in Idea and Production from Sevilla. Born in 1984 in Jerez de la Frontera, she currently lives and works in Madrid.

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