Bibi Lei

B.1985 Macao, Bibi Lei is a Portuguese-Chinese artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She describes herself as a “childlike soul that never grows old.” Lei’s love of painting and motherhood manifests through self-taught techniques such as finger painting and untethered brush strokes. Her works intuitively piece together scenes of purity and wonders while conjuring up a mesmerizing universe of colors and sensations. Her spirited “Brave little girls” explore, dance, and float through the fantastical worlds of Lei’s creation, bringing an unadulterated primitivity and hope. These little ones have the power to flourish in the world with their color energies. Their body movements and facial expressions are not definitive, and they desire to outgrow their spatial relations with the canvas & boundaries. Almost like they are rebelling against the rules and constraints defined by the grown-up world.

Since the year 2022, her art has started to gain popularity worldwide. In June 2022, her sold-out exhibition, “My Brave Playtime,” was about the love between herself & her daughter. Her works in this exhibition created more significant awareness among Japan’s private collectors. Then she became one of Japan’s most demanded rising-star artists. She has received lots of love from galleries and private collectors worldwide. Her art is exhibiting/exhibited in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Busan, Shanghai and Beijing.

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