Blake Daniels


Blake Daniels was born in 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The artist
practices painting both in New York, USA, and in Johannesburg, South
Africa. Raised in an environment that fostered creativity, Daniels comes
from an artistic lineage. From a young age, he demonstrated a deep
fascination for visual arts, immersing himself in drawing and painting
In 2017, Daniels earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the
prestigious University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South
Africa. Additionally, in 2013, he received the prestigious Edward L.
Ryerson Fellowship for outstanding emerging artists at the School of the
Art Institute of Chicago, located in Chicago, Illinois. It was also where he
obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.
Drawing inspiration from his extensive artistic background, Daniels has
cultivated a distinctive style that seamlessly merges figurative and
abstract elements. His creative repertoire encompasses a wide range of
techniques, from traditional oil painting to innovative experiments in
mixed media. At the core of Daniels’ artistic exploration are themes of
intimacy and human connection. Through his paintings, the artist delves
into the complex dynamics of interpersonal relationships, capturing the
essence of shared bonds between friends, lovers, and family members.
These captivating scenes unfold within mystical landscapes, evoking an
enchanting and intimate atmosphere that resonates with viewers.
As of September 2023, Daniels is currently in residence at the Cité
Internationale des Arts in Montmartre, Paris, for a period of one year.

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