Daniel Lergon


Daniel Lergon (b.1978, Bonn) is a German artist who experiments with light effects and chemical reactions, exploring optics and perception. He began his inquiries into color, the interaction of light on different surfaces and optical effects. Lergon has been working with fabrics of different optical and physical qualities, to which he applies lacquers and transparent varnishes to produce a broad range of effects that vary with the position of the viewer.In his early works, Lergon used color pigments within the range of the color spectrum, applying them to all kinds of material surfaces. In later work, while using transparent varnishes and synthetic, retro reflective fabric as painting surface (which reflects the light in the same direction from which it comes), he also includes colors at the very extremes of the spectrum into his work. His intensive study of the colors was thus always tied to the materiality of the painting’s ground and the question regarding this influence this would have on the viewer’s perception.

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