Daniel Manzhos


Daniel Manzhos (b. 1997, Donetsk) is a young Ukrainian artist. Since 2014 lives and works in Kyiv. Out of simplicity and banality he creates unique: his works resemble a puzzle containing a few little canvases in one. No matter what he creates his uplifting and full of light artworks, expressing himself as «cheerful artist».

 His works simply appeal to the art and artists of previous epochs, primitivizing the landscape, simplifying the plots, leaving only the pure use of form and color. The author uses a combination of traditional painting techniques with printing and aerosol paints, which together form a collage of new media, thus forming the plots of works on the principle of the puzzle. Deliberate simplification, primitivism and naive images evoke children’s drawings, thus the author tells the audience’s own life stories, summarizing them to rethink the common problems of childhood, trauma and tragedy in society, sometimes ridiculing and ironic over recognizable plots and motives.

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