Dennis Schikora

Dennis Schikora was born in 2000 in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. The artist predominantly creates works in an expressive and abstract style, manifesting in an effortless and playful aesthetic.

Fascinated by the subjects of limitation and incompleteness, he transmutes nuanced feelings of ephemerality into dynamic compositions, using various mixed media techniques.

The artist seeks to explore the intricacies of impermanence and instability in an effort to understand the complexities of human experience.

The creation process is present in his works, allowing an experimental and intuitive approach with unconventional materials such as dust, oil, dirt and natural dyes, that occupy a pivotal role in his paintings

He develops an artistic process that is characterized by going back and forth, adding and reducing and manipulating forms, color and texture by constantly questioning his body of work, resulting doubts and failure are utilized and find their way onto the canvas in the form of mark-making and deconstructed, bold brushstrokes.

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