Edmond Brooks-Beckman

에드몬드 브룩스-벡만
United Kingdom

Edmond Brooks-Beckman (b. 1987, London) is a painter living and working in London. His series of palimpsests paintings, revealing the artist’s application, carving, and cutting technique while capturing the delicate balance between creation and erasure. Through these process, Brooks-Beckman creates heavily worked surfaces featuring pictographic, textual, and abstract elements. Through his work, the artist delves into the potential of formal components–line, color, composition, while also generating references which are personal experience, cultural, contemporary consciousness and historical and often in response to his Jewish identity. In his recent exhibition, Brooks-Beckman relies on instinctive mark-making influenced by a symbolic framework and a profound shift in perception towards grounds as objects, inspired by Jewish symbols like the Tefillin. Through his work, he showed marks are not gestures but pieces of information, requiring revision and carving to transcend raw origins.

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