Elisia Poelman

Showing elements of experiences in wind, water and waves, the light installations and paintings of Eline Boerma (b. 1999, the Netherlands) are an adventure to dive into. The quickness and impermanence of light in her light installations are like the temporality of moments that come and go, which are also captured in her paintings. Moments when the sunlight reflects on water, or when the wind blows ripples on its surface, are most inspiring to her. Boerma tries to grasp the countless sensory experiences that are short-lived and quickly forgotten in her work, blown up to big proportions in outbursts of expressive lines and colors.

Standing before Boerma’s paintings is an overwhelming experience, the images invite you to immerse yourself in the work. Boerma gives her paintings titles that came from the music she listened to while making them. Creating rhythmic patterns with her energetic brush strokes, she wants the viewer to experience her paintings like you experience music. Let the bright blue lines and soft yellow clouds wash over you like the continuous waves of the sea, bathe yourself completely in the illusion of space.

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