Elvira Fustero López

Elvira Fustero López (Spanish, born in Zaragoza 1947) is an internationally recognized visual artist, painter and sculptor who has exhibited around the world in leading art galleries and fairs. She also has works in prestigious museums and collections, such as the French Institute of Barcelona, the Caixa Foundation of Terrasa, the Municipal Museum of Badalona, the Psuc-Barcelona Collection, the Banco de Sabadell Foundation, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum-Taiwan, the Banco de Santander Collection and the Caixa Foundation of Barcelona, among others.

Elvira Fustero’s abstract painting stands out for its vigor and poetry, which reveal a strong personality that is constantly attentive to change. In her works, the emotional element and the expressionist gesturality coexist, expanding through the pictorial plane to transform into rhythms that provide volume and depth. Her constructive and even architectural merits have been recognized by the critic and theorist of Dau al Set, Arnau Puig, who described Elvira Fustero’s works as a meditation on space and its sensibility. The artist relies on the knowledge and use of techniques, media and artistic procedures, and on an exhaustive work to achieve the desired response.

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