Franco Fasoli

Born in Buenos Aires in 1981, Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz) is one of the best known and most talented artists on the Argentinian scene.

A stage designer and muralist, the art of Fasoli, who began using the streets as a canvas at the end of the 1990s, is influenced by his lifelong study of ceramics and the Argentinian capital’s iconic fileteado technique.

Towards the end of the last decade, Franco turned his back on the traditional graffiti lettering and the subsequent representation of musical motifs associated with fileteado to introduce into his work the vivid contradictions of Latin American societies, their rituals and their seemingly perpetual instability.

One of the most striking aspects of his work is its exploration of materials and scale. From large-format paintings in public spaces through to smaller works on bronze and paper, his art feeds on the fluctuation of contexts and resources.

The tension between the dominant global culture and subcultures as spaces of resistance has also influenced him both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career. Multiple forms of individual and collective identity form the sociological backbone of his work.

Represented through conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli does not seek to answer the question but rather to constantly rework the statement, questioning the questioning and returning to question himself.

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