Hiejin Yoo


Heejin Yoo (b.1987) received her BFA from Seoul Women’s University and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The artist translates personal records of her daily life into paintings. Small events and experiences, selected according to the artist’s intention, are unfolded into semi-figurative paintings. She takes a multi-sensory approach to her work, creating everyday events and moments from memory and depicting them with abstract colors and bold layered techniques. Parts of the body are superimposed over everyday scenes with longing for a distant lover, represented by a thick white line, gives the work a different narrative and invites us into the world of the imagination. The artist describes her work as follows, ‘I edit events and memories that have happened to me and arrange them to focus on certain parts. These moments are recorded and relived through painting. As a result, the works reflect my personal history and become a personal journal and meditation on self-discovery. Her works has been featured in major galleries in Los Angeles, including Bloom and Poe, Half gallery, and introduced in Whitewall and Art Viewer articles.

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