Isaac Lythgoe

아이작 리스고

Lythgoe’s work employs ideas from narrative and storytelling traditions to discuss how prospective technologies may influence our future societal structures. Isaac´s sculptural and writing practice is broad-based and informed by multidisciplinary research such as ethics, romance and mortality which considers the integration of synthetic and biological systems as the most promising terrain for changes and challenges to human experience. In practice, these ideas are addressed both conceptually and materially; the works appear as stories, played out in a mix of symbolic organic materials and new media techniques, with handmade and machine-made being in constant flux. Recent body of work focuses on our relationship to nature and the natural. For Spinoza there is nothing but nature and its attributes, in this way ideas of man-made, machine-made, consciousness or Artificial Intelligence, can all be considered Nature – there is only nature. However, negotiating technological integration increasingly govern the socio-economic landscape and our interpersonal relations.

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