Jason Ho

Jason Ho (b. 1993, UK) is a British-Chinese chartered architect and artist. He is trained at Cambridge University and University College London, where he was awarded the Bartlett Medal and the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize. His works have received commendation from renowned cultural organisations and featured on the RIBA Journal cover.

His work transcends the boundaries of conventional art forms, delving into the depths of thresholds, dimensions, and architectural forms, Ho’s art explores the intricate interplay of duality of time, space, physical existence and alternative reality.

Drawing inspiration from abstractionism and symbolism, Ho’s transform canvases into a space for dialogue and reflection – the use of light, texture, and colour transforms each piece into a tangible emotional journey, in which the audience can immerse themselves and discover the complexities of temporality and space, enabling them to observe the juncture where space, material, and time intertwine. Ho conducts an orchestra that features his iconic fine lines and nuanced compositions to create dynamically complex, yet, perfect visual harmony on the canvases

With an unwavering dedication to his craft and an unrelenting curiosity, Jason Ho continues to push the boundaries of art and architecture. His body of work serves as an invitation to venture into the captivating world he has meticulously constructed, where the realms of imagination and physicality intertwine in perfect harmony. As an artist and architect, Jason Ho’s works stand as manifestation to the relentless pursuit of excellence, and as portals leading us towards a realm of beauty, imagination, and profound interconnectedness.​​​​​​​

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