Karen Russo

Israel / England

Karen Russo born 1974, Tel Aviv, Israel. Lives and works in London, England.
Russo’s practice is informed, among others, by an eclectic range of sources, from architecture and science-fiction to psychology and criminology. She is intrigued by dangerous moments in history in which ancient myths and symbols merge with political ideologies to ground political narratives, often with disastrous consequences. Her works demonstrate the failures of personal, artistic or national utopias, and the blurring of boundaries between history and fantasy.
Karen Russo has exhibited in such venues as the Barbican, Hayward Gallery Project Space, V&A Museum, Tate Modern, 176, Delfina and Paradise Row in London, Busan biennial in Korea, Montevideo in Amsterdam, Grosse Kunstschau, Haus der Kulturen Der Welt: HKW and Krefeld Museum in Germany, Arquebuse in Geneva, the Israel Museum, the Center for Contemporary Art and Tel Aviv Museum in Israel. Some of her works are part of the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem and of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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