Marianne Berenhaut


Marianne Berenhaut born 1934, Brussels, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels and London.Berenhaut has been gathering, curating, transforming objects found in her immediate surroundings creating powerful yet delicate sculptures and installations. Her work addresses longing, trauma, absence, and memory. Through her vast body of work, spanning through 60 years, Marianne Berenhaut has created a unique visual language.

Having graduated the Académie du Midi and Atelier de Moeschal in the sixties, she had various solo exhibitions in different art spaces and institutions: La Maison des Femmes (Brussels), Island (Brussels), Belgium Jewish Museum (Brussels), MAC’s Grand Hornu (Belgium) as well as in Isy Brachot Gallery (Brussels), and Nadja Vilenne Gallery (Liège). She has been part of several group exhibitions as in Maison Grégoire (Brussels), Gladstone Gallery (Brussels), Bureau des réalités (Brussels) and Carl Freedman Gallery (Margate, UK). In 2020 she had a solo exhibition at M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) and a retrospective at CIAP (Genk) in 2021.

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