Molly Greene


Molly A. Greene is an American artist born in 1986 in Cornwall, Vermont. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
She spent ten years studying before turning to art. In 2013, she earned her Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale University. In 2019, she completed her Ph.D. in American Studies at Yale University. Throughout her many years of study, she delved into various subjects such as gender and sexuality, post-humanism, or animal studies, among others. She began exhibiting her work as an artist in the United States in 2018.Her paintings are filled with “objects” that do not conform to our expectations. They seem imbued with nature but are not easily recognizable. Those that might be considered plants are remarkably formalized and often symmetrical, giving them an unusual dogmatic dimension. These abstract forms, resembling botanical or organic elements, occupy almost the entire canvas, imposing their self-sufficient presence in a timeless space. The main subjects that dominate the canvases are infused with the worlds imagined by Greene, displaying strange forms unrelated to anything and floating in an undefined dimension. The artist’s influences are diverse and may come from animated films such as Suzan Pitt’s “Asparagus,” René Laloux’s “La Planète Sauvage,” Studio Ghibli films, or the work of outsider artist Anna Zemankova, who “cultivated flowers that grow nowhere else.” Greene’s works create a vibrant and hypnotic atmosphere in which thin, diffuse layers of paint blend into a highly recognizable pastel palette. These powdery waves of color suspend time; they dissolve the fixed structure of objects and enhance the artist’s cherished ambiguous sense.
Uncertainty then condemns the precise description of these forms, leaving them free and unrestricted by thought.

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