Nell Brookfield

넬 브룩필드
United Kingdom

Nell Brookfield (b. 1994, London) currently resides in London, creating art that captures humorous and peculiar moments from everyday life. Inspired by the people of London, films, and books, Nell uses acrylic and oil paint on linen, merging observation, memory, and imagination. Her artworks, adorned with intricate patterns and textures, invite viewers to imagine what lies beyond the unexpected, cropped compositions. Brookfield’s fascination with people and cultures led her to study anthropology at UCL, informing her artistic practice, which serves as a playful and honest observation of the world. Her humorous paintings exaggerate situations, exploring the quirks of human behavior and rituals through thin layers of natural pigments on linen canvases. The compositions, focusing on body language and touch, often appear as cropped glimpses, encouraging viewers to ponder what might exist just outside the canvas.

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