Omer Fast


Omer Fast born 1972, Jerusalem, Israel. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Fast is an artist and filmmaker. Much of his work explores the psychological structure of trauma and the retelling or representation of current or historical events. Frequently based on a historical event or current point of reference, Fast’s films define a new relationship between reality and fiction. The artist is interested in the way narratives are constructed, specifically the change (hi)stories undergo when recounted by different voices and from diverse points of view. Recurring themes in Fast’s films include families grappling with tragic events, and psychological coping strategies with absurd tendencies. In more recent works including “The Invisible Hand” and “Karla” the artist experiments with VR and digital technologies. His films are often presented in specially designed spatial installations: theatrical or cinematic mises-en-scène that turn the audience itself into protagonists.
Fast had numerous solo exhibitions. Among others, at the Staatliche graphische Sammlung (München), Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul), Guangdong Times Museum (Guangzhou), Jeu de Paume (Paris), Musée d art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal). The artist took part in various group exhibitions, including in the MAXXI (Rome), Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden), Israel Museum (Jerusalem), mumok (Vienna). During his career, Omer Fast won numerous awards and prizes, e.g. the National Galerie Prize (Berlin) and the Bucksbaum Award of Whitney Museum (New York City). His works are featured in prestigious collections such as the Musée national d’Art Moderne — Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Whitney Museum of American Art (New York City), Guggenheim Museum of Art (New York City), Tate Modern (London), Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin), Mumok (Vienna), amongst others.

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