Pavel Wolberg


Pavel Wolberg born 1966, Leningrad, USSR. Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo-journalist Pavel Wolberg creates images which capture the life and culture of Israeli society from a ‘wide-angle’ view: children, adults, soldiers, settlers, punk rockers, religious Jews, political occurrences and cultural traditions are all a part of Wolberg’s body of work exposed to the public eye. Given that his oeuvre is shown in the framework of two different contexts – art venues and journalistic publications – questions of defining the boundaries between the two are prominent in Wolberg’s awareness, as he often expresses his thoughts of where journalism ends and art begins, or vice versa. To Wolberg, the conflicting political situation in Israel acts as defining material for him as a photographer.

Pavel Wolberg had numerous solo exhibitions. Among others, he exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv), Hotel de Ville (Paris), Goch Kunstmuseum (Goch), the Negev Museum of Art (Be’er Sheva), Ashdod Art Museum (Ashdod). He was part of various group exhibitions, including in the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Susquehanna Art Museum (Harrisburg, PA), MAM (Mexico City), OCAT (Shanghai), Victoria & Albert Museum (London). During his career, Wolberg won numerous awards and prizes, e.g. he was awarded the Sony World Photography Awards in 2011 and the The Gérard Lévy Prize for a Young Photographer in 1997. His works are featured in prestigious collections such as the Fond National d’Art Contemporain (Paris), the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv) and the Jewish Museum (New York City).

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