Rangga Aptura


Rangga Aputra, whose pure joy is painting, has been creating artworks since his childhood and currently exhibits his works mainly in Asia and Europe. He has been strongly influenced by the leading contemporary artists of the 20th century such as Georges Mathieu, Jean Dubuffet, Antoni Tàpies, Anselm Kiefer, George Baselitz, Zao Wouki, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Rangga also likes to explore new medium such as oil, acrylic, asphalt, car paint, and spray paint.

Rangga will create two series of works on the theme of record.

The series, titled “Catatan Tekstur” (“Record of texture”), seeks to uncover layers of past memories that are deeply embedded in our minds and subconscious. The layers on the back represent the past. The layers on the back represent the past. The layers on the back represent the past, and the temporal accumulation builds up toward the front, which represents the present. Memory remains in the present, but it is impossible to recall all of the past.

The second series, “Bias Cahaya” (“Record of Refraction”), expresses the irregularity of color and the absurdity of form through the action of the pupil. When the viewer enters a dark room after staring at the sun, colors and irregular lines that are not there emerge under the influence of the photoreceptor cells. This series of overlapping vivid colors, eccentric patterns, and irregular lines is his answer to van Gogh’s and Claude Monet’s attempts to express light.

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