Reina Mikame


Born in 1992, and graduated from the Program in Master of Oil Painting Course, Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts. Mikame’s paintings are created in a manner that appears to drift back and forth between opposite ends of the spectrum of the abstract and the objective. Familiar elements that exist within the artist’s surroundings, the artist’s experiences, and the various phenomena that emerge around the artist are conveyed through means of a harmonious balance between the paint and the brushstrokes. At a glance harnessing a precise air of brevity yet at the same time profoundly orchestrated, the works seemingly evolve into abstract portrayals, while in other moments embody a sense of objectivity. Mikame’s works illustrate forethoughts towards the consistent conditions of painting while simultaneously enticing the viewers with her very own unique world, anticipating the artist to further expand her future endeavors towards contemporary painting.

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