Ricardo Passaporte

리카르도 파사포르테

Ricardo Passaporte’s work underscores its hand-drawn, homespun essence, drawing from Outsider Art and channeling the spontaneity of graffiti. The artist delves into the art-making process and challenges the distinctions between mass-produced and uniquely singular artworks. Initially known as a graffiti artist, Passaporte gained recognition for his Pop art-inspired paintings influenced by the German discount retailer Lidl. Exhibiting in European cities like Paris, Madrid, Cologne, and Naples, his airbrush technique, reminiscent of his tagging background, imparts a hazy quality, fostering a sense of detachment. Passaporte extends his exploration into sculptures and installations, examining the aesthetic and ubiquity of corporate branding, from Footlocker to Tesco and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. His distinctive style features solitary figures set against uniform backgrounds, showcasing stylized painting techniques and the transformation of aerosol-covered colors into quasi three-dimensional paintings.

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