Samuel Salcedo

The Spanish sculptor Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975) creates mainly human figures made of different materials that allow him to observe the passage of time as a result of the modifications that the surface of the sculptures suffer, cracking, oxidation, etc. So far, Salcedo’s sculptures have always kept their eyes closed, but but since some time ago he has started to introduce open eyes in his sculptures.

In Samuel Salcedo’s work, sculptor and painter he creates a profound and amusing reflection about the human condition. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and in Manchester. He works with different materials, getting to catch the eye with what it seems and is not. Salcedo’s works aim to emphasize the masked nature of human beings. An illusory, sometimes grotesque, often ridiculous but somehow decent condition of the postmodern citizen. His sculptures and characters always question the viewer with their subtle irony and vulnerability. Salcedo’s sculptural work is characterized by technical excellence. His mastery can be seen in the diversity of the materials he uses (resin, wood, aluminum, bronze) and integrates them with painting.

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