Sun-Kyo Park

Park sun kyo was born in 1990 in Jeonju, South Korea and living in Gwangju-si, South Korea now. He was Born into a Christian family and raised in a society with strong Confucian traditions. These contradictory experiences and conflicting ethics were a key part of his childhood. This experience made him divisive thinking from an early age. This divisive thinking made hard for him to see the world as very easily(Dichotomous way like Good or Bad.) like a normal kid at the time. This obsession with divisive thinking has taken over his head since school, when he has to face other kids every day.

Due to this, Park, who did not mix well with people and had difficulty understanding them, began his work with an observation about ‘people.’ It starts with a question about the relationship with one individual and develops into a curiosity about the community formed by each person’s network of relationships. His questions, which start with ‘one person,’ emphasize that questions about ‘all of us’ also start with ‘one person.’

The characters Park has created were influenced by the 8-bit video games the artist played during his childhood, and the simple yet harmonious graphic effects found in in these games inspired him. Additionally, Park found inspiration in the artworks of the Joseon Dynasty, including Buddhist paintings and King’s portraits that he often encountered in the museum, which he visited during family trips. Through his encounters with Joseon Dynasty artworks, Park learned the power of unadorned and honest paintings with the spirit of scholars. Because of this, Park finds it important not to hide ugliness, and he emphasizes that all elements should be independent and harmonious at the same time. Park’s method of expression conveys his message in a way that can be easily approached, but engages a depth of perspective.

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