Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul, better known as Suntur (b.1989, Thailand), currently lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. While his roots are in advertising, he now works as a full-time artist. Suntur’s style is simplistic but resonant, setting his characters’ intricate feelings against a wide-angle scenic view. He always leaves some space in his works, giving viewers the opportunity to fill in the blanks with what speaks to them. He was recently selected to design the Hermès shop ahead of the Hermès Petit H Collection launch in Thailand.

Suntur stated: “While it evolves and develops, I believe it still has my unique emotional personality, just like any work of art. I would advise painting frequently in order to develop my own aesthetic. You’ll learn your color preferences, desired composition, and the means of expression you want to use via this process.”

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