Yossi Breger


Yossi Breger born 1960, Montreuil sous-bois, France. Lived and worked in Tel Aviv, Israel 1960-2016. Breger’s installation aims to follow the process in which pictures accumulate into content, or into abstract yet simple, coherent system that articulates a surrealist and yet understandable story. His standpoint, including his bodily stance, is eminently evident in each and every image he chooses to photograph, manifesting a combination of passion and reflection. In a formal language that is wonderfully precise, Breger’s gaze harmoniously embraces the personal and the public, life and death; it generates a pictorial and cinematic drama that is a superb depiction of a foundational moment in which, by standing in front of a thing, one captures the conceptual, personal, social and political aspects it embodies.

Breger had numerous exhibitions. Among them, he exhibited in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem), Ashdod Museum of Art, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Forum des Images (Paris), Israel Museum (Jerusalem). He won the Minister of Culture and Sport Prize for Artists in the Visual Arts. Yossi Berger’s works are featured in the respective collections of the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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