Yudith Levin


Yudith Levin born 1949, Ein Vered, Israel, where she lives and works. Levin is considered one of the key figures in Israeli art. Over an artistic career spanning over more than four decades, she has been creating paintings on both traditional and nontraditional supports, covering canvases as well as scraps of discarded plywood found on the streets of Tel Aviv with expressive, gestural brushstrokes and semi-abstract figures and landscapes. By combining abstraction and figuration and using deliberately vague titles, Levin makes evocative works that are open to varied readings. The artist confronts the viewer with a borderline painting – in-between nothingness and a whole universe, between chaos and diamond, between a dump and flight. One of the places where Levin’s work deviates from the rational is the lack of distinction between figurative and abstract. Her figurative paintings are created like abstract paintings, from gestures which are not underlain by any figurative plan or intention.

Yudith Levin has had exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; Beit Uri and Rami Nehoshtan Museum, Ashdod, Israel; Biennale de la Jeunesse, Paris, France, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, among others. Levin’s work is in the collections of the S.M.A.K – Ghent, Leopold Museum – Vienna, Israel Museum – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum as well as in important private collections.

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